Why updated bathrooms are important in the hotel business

One of the key factors that can greatly influence the customer experience and satisfaction in a hotel is how well-designed and functional the bathroom is. Bathrooms often come as a hindsight, but travelers expect this amenity to provide comfort and a better experience compared to what they have in their own homes.

Here are five reasons why offering a unique bathroom experience in your hotel can help you attract more customers and subsequently increase your revenues.
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1. A competitive edge

Continuing technological advancements over the years have enticed hotels to gain competitive advantage through in-room Wi-Fi, advanced climate control, and even mirror televisions. These new technologies are also now found inside bathrooms to offer a new experience and redefine their standard of comfort and luxury.

Examples include heated toilet seats, heated towel racks, directional water jets, water massage function, dryer, deodorizer, and entertainment sets. These additional features can give your business a competitive edge while letting your customers experience an innovatively comfortable stay in your hotel.
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2. Draw in more life-long customers

Gallup’s 2014 Hospitality Industry Study revealed that “when luxury and upper upscale guests select a hotel for the first time, creating the right environment is vital to winning them over”. More customers nowadays place value in the look and feel of a hotel, trusting on their own judgment and observations when choosing a hotel to stay at for the first time.

“About half of guests overall strongly agree that they would be willing to pay more for significantly improved in-room television, bathroom soap, and complimentary Internet. Luxury customers strongly agree that they would pay more to improve bathroom soap products,” Gallup also states.

Hoteliers are now putting more emphasis on more important bathroom fixtures to address the changing needs of the market. Since people today are not restricted to only using bathrooms to shower or shave, more hotels are changing the design of their bathrooms with the following considerations:

    Use of natural materials such as wood and stone
    A separate walk-in glass shower
    Shower benches
    Oversized shower head that mimics a rainforest retreat
    More space where people can do exercise or yoga
    More balanced or natural lighting
    Windows that offer exterior view

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3. Help your business become more sustainable

The bathroom is one of the amenities that make up a significant proportion of hotel’s water and energy consumption. The American Water Works Association determined that a US hotel’s average water consumption is between 382 to 787 liters (84 to 173 UK gallons) per room per day, significantly more than the average US household daily use of 315 liters (69 gallons) a day.

That is why bathrooms have now become a major focus for hoteliers looking not only to reduce cost but also reduce their environmental impact. There are a lot of bathroom remodeling companies that promotes the use of “green” materials in your hotel’s bathroom to help cut down utility expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.
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4. Add value to your hotel

Like any real estate property, your hotel will also accumulate more value if you remodel your bathroom in accordance with the latest industry standards and taste of contemporary travellers. It also adds value to your hotel if you decide to sell it someday, as it will cost much more due to the renovation in the bathrooms, especially if your remodeling was expertly done.
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5. Create more space

The shift away from tubs in some of the three-star-and-below category is becoming more prevalent these days. Many hotels have opted for showers – it’s a cheaper and faster alternative, plus it takes up less space.

Another trend is the use of “privacy smartglasses” to create a bright open space by letting in more light and gives the impression of increased space throughout the entire room. Sliding doors are also being widely used to reduce space constraints and add a bit of transparency that allows light in from the main room.

With a larger bathroom space, your guests can have more room to go about their business, thus improving their hotel experience.

Guest bathrooms are considered as an indicator of how classy, modern and clean your hotel is. It is an extension of your brand’s identity to your customers, so it is very important to restructure it occasionally to cater to the changing lifestyle of travellers in the world today.


Source: ehotelier website